Jallikkattu Ordinance passed on 21-07-2017

Jallikkattu Ordinance passed on 21-07-2017

jallikkattu ordinance passed on 21.7.2017

Tamil Nadu Governor has promulgated new ordinance against the ban of Jallikattu in the Tamil Nadu.  According to various media, the Jallikkattu will be held tomorrow across Tamil Nadu especially in Alanganallur, the famous place for Jallikkattu.


Lot of youth across Tamil Nadu conducted peaceful rallies in support of the conduct of Jallikkattu that has been banned by Supreme Court of India.  The Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Mr Panneerselvam met the Prime Minister of India on 20th January 2017 and had discussions about the conduct of Jallikkattu in the State of Tamil Nadu.  After which Government formalities were followed for the removal of the ban on Jallikkattu and now the Governor of Tamil Nadu has issued an urgent ordinance against the ban the Jallikkattu on 21st January 2017 and following this ordinance the ban has been removed and the Jallikkattu will be held in full swing across Tamil Nadu.

The students claim that this is a big success for the peaceful meeting of held by them across Tamil Nadu.



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