Pongal Bonus 2017 G.O.

Pongal Bonus 2017 G.O

Pongal Bonus 2017 G.O.


By GO.MS.NO. 6 dated 11.01.2017 of finance department of Government of Tamil Nadu the staff of the Government of Tamil Nadu will be paid the Pongal Bonus 2017.

Today, according to various media, the Chief Minister of Tamilnadu has announced Pongal Bonus 2017 to the employees of Government of Tamil Nadu,  According to the announcement, all the employees belonging to C and D group will be paid Rs 3000 as bonus and Rs 1000 to A and B staff employees. Noonmeal employees, anganwadi workers, mini anganwadi workers, village assistants, special time pay drawing workers panchayat assistants, contract employees will also be paid Rs 1000 as special bonus.

All the pensioners, family pensioners and former village officers (Headman, Karnam) will be paid Rs 500 as special bonus.  This pongal bonus has been ordered by the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu

Employees who have worked 240 days or more in the financial year and drawing a consolidated pay will be paid Rs 1000 as bonus.

Employees working in local body administration, government aided institutions and teachers and teaching staff drawing pay under UGC / AICTE / ICAR will also be paid this bonus.  Due to the payment of this bonus, government will incur an additional exchequer to the tune of 325.20 crores.


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